Trampoline parks as an investment of the future

Trampoline parks are a great place to have fun, but also an investment. Find out how to open your business

Indoor playground equipment

Many people ask me a question about the indoor playground. What does it look like? What equipment does it have? Below, I'll show you what the indoor playground  equipment at my theme park looks like!

Zones in the trampoline park

First, I made sure to choose a spacious location. I found an abandoned hall in the center of town, which was perfect for creating a play space there! My venue also has a small restaurant, a place for employees and a changing room. I didn't forget about a large parking lot, which can accommodate many cars.

Indoor playground equipment

In the summer, however, it is worth investing in an outdoor playground.

When it comes to playroom equipment, on the other hand. I have divided it into several zones:

    Children's zone:

In the children's zone I focused on inflatables, a pool with balls, a climbing wall and interactive panels. There were also trampolines, tracks with electric cars and slides. And all of this is just to make your kids' time at the amusement park more enjoyable! I guarantee that if you install these attractions in your park, kids will not want to leave.

Zone for adults:

In this zone, the most space is devoted to trampolines. Here you will find trampolines of various sizes. In addition, the mat for acrobatic exercises and jumping into soft, huge sponges became an inseparable element. One of the highlights in this zone is the trapeze swing.

Of course, these are not all the attractions you will encounter in my trampoline park. If you want to know more, I invite you to take advantage of my offer!

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